About Us

Greetings friends! I am Anthony Bale and I welcome you all to my blog which is about real estate markets. I am a certified property conveyancer primarily interested in advising realty customers for solving the various complexities that arise while wanting to transfer the legal titles of real estate properties.

Since property conveyancing is my foray, it shall be my pleasure to share with you the services that a conveyancer offers for a buyer or a seller of a real estate property.

When a vendor is willing to sell their property a conveyancer ensures that the customer is given all the necessary forms that need to be filled soon after agreeing a sale, share the purchase contract that mentions the title of the property with the solicitor of the purchaser.

Respond to any queries the counterpart solicitor may pose prior to contracting, receive from the buyer’s solicitor the contract duly signed and get you sign the contract, conclude deciding a completion date that is agreed by all to complete sale. When the day of completion arrives, be given the agreed deal amount by the buyer’s solicitor in exchange for the title deeds.

On the contrary, when a purchaser wants to buy a property the conveyancer or solicitor receives the contract, with the title mentioned on it, from the seller’s solicitor. Vet the contract thoroughly in consultation with you and flag any queries before contracting with seller’s solicitor.

In case a mortgage is availed by you, signing all the required documents is to be arranged for you, exchanging contracts for sale with the seller’s solicitor is done. Gets the mortgage prepared from the lender, when completion day arrives the conveyancer or solicitor pays the completion funds to the seller’s solicitor and in return gets the title deeds to get you moving into the novel home. Finally the solicitor gets the stamp and registers the deed and mortgage in your name to seal the deal.

My qualified team of veteran industry experts and conveyancers along with me are eagerly waiting to serve any need you may have concerning that property you want to buy or sell.